What is this SwipeButton.net? If you have a website, a WordPress-powered blog for example, you can add there certain HTML and JavaScript code, as shown below, which together create a swipe button. When swiped, the button sends a certain amount of certain SFP tokens to a Paymail address. That means you can start accepting tokens as tips, and as payments.

How to create SFP tokens? With BSVTokens.net website.

Where to get information about a certain SFP token? Use SFPValidator.net.

Make a new swipe button for accepting SFP tokens

  • (Leave blank if no redirect is needed.)

  • (I.e.: invoice number, product code, or reference number. Leave blank if not needed.)

  • (I.e.: arbitrary data, like a description about the payment. Leave blank if not needed.)

Preview of the swipe button:

Copy and paste this code on your website:

<div id="waf00a8ce2"></div><script src="https://www.moneybutton.com/moneybutton.js"></script><script>moneyButton.render(document.getElementById("waf00a8ce2"),{"outputs":[{"to":"swipebutton@moneybutton.com","asset":"decb6efeeb20.asset@moneybutton.com","amount":5}],"buttonData":"Swipe button created with SwipeButton.net."})</script>